Welcome to Mane Matters - Hair Care Advice You Can Use

Today's fashion savvy women know that their hair counts in a big way if they want to take their look from dull to dazzling. How you wear your hair can make an impression for the good or bad and have you noticed? Too often it's not favorable. Which is too bad since you can achieve a stunning result with the cut, the color, or the styling behind the cut and color.

Naturally there are several ways to get there. You can be bold when it comes to cut. Going from longer to dramatically short with a few snips of the scissors. Plus there is no shortage of cuts that can do that for you. A bob, shags, or layered looks can all get you there.

You can also change up your color. Going with a new shade that is subtly different to something more extreme. Again color choices abound. Or you can opt for highlights or maybe somewhat more of an ombre look.

You can do it with styling tools or products. We all know that a flat iron can work wonders. It can make your hair sleek and straight or can be used to add in coils galore. And anymore there's a product for your hair type that can build in body, calm down frizz, and at least in the short run camouflage split ends.

To look your best it's important to have a grasp of what you want before you take your seat at the salon. Your hairdresser is not a mind reader. Nor is now the time to let your stylist surprise you. You want to go in with photos torn from magazines to show what you have in mind. You want to understand how much you're going to have to do to maintain the cut. And you want an honest appraisal as to whether your ideas will work with your hair.

But the last thing you need is to make a major styling commitment without understanding the upkeep that will be required of you.

Other than that you can do some simple things on your own that don't involve your stylist.

  • Switch up your part.
  • Find a new and interesting way to wear your hair up.
  • If your hair is curly straighten it. If straight, curl it.
  • When was the last time you wore a side pony?
  • Buff up the shine with some gloss. As a bonus it will temporarily "mend" split ends.

While those are some things to try here are some to avoid.

  • Don't over condition. That can weigh your hair down or leave it looking greasy.
  • Don't over clarify. You need to clear out product build up from time to time. But too much of this can dry your hair.
  • Don't let an elastic anywhere near wet hair as that can kill your strands at the point of contact.

Okay so how you are stylin' says a lot about you. Or as sites like like to put it, healthy hair is a mark of someone who has their act together. Hopefully all this makes perfect sense whenever you are considering the image you are projecting and are looking to tweak it just a bit or a whole lot.